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Bluzelle ico

Bluzelle ico

17 окт 2018 Ключевыми фигурами проекта Bluzelle являются Павел Бэйнс (Pavel Bains) – сооснователь проекта и его СЕО, а также Нираддж Мурарка (Neeraj Murarka) – инженер-архитектор и технический директор стартапа. 23 Apr 2018 Read SendPulse Blog to learn how a startup can promote ICO and find five useful tips on how to improve ICO email marketing. Bluzelle, for instance, invites users to subscribe in order not to miss essential project updates. 28 Mar 2018 The blockchain startup, Bluzelle, wants to create a more secure way of storing and managing users information through building decentralized database systems. When I say data storage I am not referring to file storage  26 Dec 2017 For Bluzelle's public sale (Inital Coin Offering [ICO]) coming up in Q1 2018, users will be purchasing the BLZ tokens. In order for users to exchange BLZ for BNT tokens, they will send BLZ tokens to the Bluzelle Token Gateway. Bluzelle, 4.0, Decentralized Database Services  26 дек 2017 Bluzelle создала децентрализованную, масштабируемую базу данных для обработки dapps, которые не могут эффективно обрабатываться родной сетью Ethereum. 2017年8月30日 彼は、「Bluzelleは、Oracleが現在インターネットのために提供していることを、この 新しいインターネットのためにしていくつもり」だとも付け加えた。 上記のニュースは10月 にICOを行う具体的な計画と共に発表された。このニュースはBluzelle 

Bluzelle — ICO Review. Bluzelle wants to decentralize that market that is still relying on centralized network to store data. Current players for file storage are Storj and Filecoin. These

Bluzelle - ICO Hot List Bluzelle is a decentralized, on-demand, scalable database service for dApps. Bluzelle fills a need and is complementary to the other components to make the decentralized Internet complete. Without these decentralized components, the decentralized Internet would not be … Integrate the Bluzelle Decentralized Database Bootstrap the move to decentralization Add database storage to the list of your decentralized solutions by integrating with Bluzelle. Let’s talk add-on value Bluzelle automatically gains in potential capacity, as any connected device could apply to become a node in the Bluzelle network.

Bluzelle - ICO over

Bluzelle - ICO Hot List

Bluzelle ICO Contacts More on ICO Trading (BLZ) $0.0218 3.7% 24H ETH return 0.83x Start ICO 17 Jan 2018 End ICO 26 Jan 2018 Token BLZ

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Bluzelle began pre-registration for an ICO in October, 2017 and announced a token sale to seek further funding and allow investors to get a piece of the pie. Token sale and pre-sale details are to be released at a later date, but it's expected that the company will gain a huge fan base once it enters the ICO stage.

Bluzelle closes $19.5m funding from ICO to build decentralized internet January 22, 2018 Bluzelle, the decentralized database provider, has closed its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) having raised $19.5m in order to develop its Bluzelle Announces New Partners To Better Data Storage Post-ICO Bluzelle is ready to take the data storage market by storm. Brett Kotas. Contributor. 121. SHARES. Share Tweet Pinterest. Bluzelle recently finished up a very successful Initial Coin Offering, raising $19.5 million. This capital will allow them to start making moves in the space SCAM ALERT - Fake BlueZelle ICO misspelled BL*EU*ZELLE. ~50 ETH Stolen already (self.icocrypto) submitted 1 year ago by commercecoop One of our team members received an email yesterday from someone impersonating the BlueZelle team.

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